Are there any vegan or vegetarian options in Japanese chain restaurants?

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Following are some popular restaurant chains in Japan.

As you see, the numbers of these restaurants are quite big and you can find at least one of them in any big cities and in most towns. If you can find any vegan / vegetarian meals in these restaurants, you won’t have much problem in travelling in Japan. Are there any options?

You can find out details by clicking the following links (no link means that I haven’t studied the restaurant yet).

  • Gusto
  • Saizeriya
  • Joyfull
  • Coco’s
  • Sushiro
  • Hama Zushi
  • Denny’s
  • Kura Zushi
  • Kappa Zushi

I personally eat in Sizeriya most often but it’s an Italian restaurant and not very recommendable for tourists from foreign countries.

My recommendation is any of the sushi-go-round restaurants. Typical sushi dishes are fish of course but there are some types of sushi made with vegetables. These restaurants are also not expensive and good for budget travelers.

Japanese noodles, on the other hand, normally contain stock made from bonito or pork. You will have to find out vegan / vegetarian version of these noodles in special restaurants, some of which I will introduce in this website.


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