What vegetarians and vegans can eat at Saizeriya

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Saizeriya is the second biggest restaurant chain in Japan and you will easily find it in many of the big cities.


Options for vegans


Following are meals that vegans can have.

  • Celery pickles (セロリのピクルス)
  • Potato chips (ポテトのグリル)
  • Chinese cabbage pickles (白菜のミックスピクルス)
  • Spaghetti peperoncino (ペペロンチーノ)
  • Rice (ライス)
  • Sicilian lemon sherbet (シチリアレモンのソルベ)
  • Kid’s potato chips (おこさまポテト)

Following two salad dishes can be vegan with small changes.

  • Seaweed salad (わかめサラダ) : dressing to be changed to olive oil.
  • Chef’s salad (シェフサラダ): cheese and croutons to be removed.

As you see above, you don’t have many options but anyway we can take spaghetti peperoncino as the main dish.
Unfortunately all breads contain milk.

Options for vegetarians


Following are meals that vegetarians can have (except for the dishes that I already mentioned above as vegan options).

  • Salad of fresh cheese and tomato (フレッシュチーズとトマトのサラダ)
  • Corn cream soup (コーンクリームスープ)
  • Sicilian cod roe source spaghetti (タラコソースシシリー風)
  • Salty vongole (スープ入り塩味ボンゴレ) * contains seashells
  • Pizza margarita (マルゲリータピザ)
  • Vegetable and mushroom pizza (野菜ときのこのピザ)
  • Buffalo mozzarella pizza (バッファローモッツァレラのピザ)
  • Tomato cream rizotto with prawn and vegetable(エビと野菜のトマトクリームリゾット) * contains prawns
  • Petite focaccia (プチフォッカ)
  • Focaccia (フォッカチオ)
  • Mini ficelle (ミニフィセル)
  • Cheese focaccia (チーズフォッカチオ)
  • Garlic toast (ガーリックトースト)
  • Cinamon focaccia (シナモンフォッカチオ)
  • Truffle ice cream (トリフアイスクリーム)
  • Chocolate cake (チョコレートケーキ)
  • Milk gelato (ミルクジェラート)
  • Tiramisu (ティラミス)
  • Nocciola (ノッチョーラ)
  • Amarena (アマレーナ)
  • Meringata (メリンガータ)

If you are a vegetarian, you have many options like this.

Most of the desserts are vegetarian but you cannot take coffee jelly, Italian pudding and cinnamon focaccia because they contain gelatin.

I recommend Saizeriya to vegetarians and vegans


There are more than 1,000 Saizeriya restaurants in Japan and they have at least spaghetti peperoncino for vegans. If you are a traveler and want to try Japanese dishes, Saizeriya cannot be a good option since it’s Italian, but if you live in Japan or you don’t have other options, it is a safe option for  vegetarians and also for vegans.

I myself often have lunch at Saizeriya when I’m away from home because it’s easy to find and the service is not bad.


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