The first vegan meal in the Japanese convenience store industry

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March 2020 saw a memorial step toward veganism: first vegan meal in the Japanese convenience stores.

On 17th of March 2020, Family Mart launched a vegan meal called “soy-patty burger bowl”. I just tried it. It was JPY 498.

On the package is a vegan mark as you see in the picture. The label tells that it must be eaten hot: to be microwaved for 1 minute (1,600W) or 3 minutes 30 seconds (500W).

It’s a typical Japanese “don” dish. The bowl is composed of two layers. The bottom part is filled with rice and the upper part is with vege-meat and some vegetables. The sauce is like “demi-glace” and has rich taste. After microwaving the whole of the bowl, you put the meat and the vegetables on the rice; the combination of rice and the sauce was nice and beautiful.

Very unfortunately this nice and beautiful product still is limited in Tokyo and I do really hope it will be available all over Japan. If you are in Tokyo, just go to your nearby Family Mart and try one.


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